Cultural Resources Diversity Interp Program, Natchez National Historical Park , Natchez , Mississippi
National Park Service
How Ylani Hayes got involved with National Park Service
I found out about the Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program (CRDIP) position through the Natchez National Historical Park. I previously interned at this park for the past two summers in the curatorial department, but because of lack of funding, I would be unable to return to that department this summer. I was later contacted by the Natchez National Historical Park, was told that they would be hosting an intern through CRDIP this summer and if I was interested, I should apply. And as they say, the rest is history!
As a resident of Natchez, I know the area pretty well. It is not often that I indulge in the tourism aspect of the city. This summer I had the opportunity of being a tourist in my hometown. I toured a few of the local antebellum homes, visited the historical Mount Locust Inn on the Natchez Trace Parkway, the Natchez Indian Village, and few more sites that tourist frequent! For the first time, I was able to see my home through the eyes of a tourist; it was definitely a wonderful experience!
Ylani Hayes' accomplishments
Throughout this program, my objective was to research the Reconstruction in the Old Natchez District. Through my research I uncovered much information about that time period in Natchez. I was able to meet my summer objective of compiling biographical sketches of influential people during Reconstruction in Natchez and produce a bibliography of the sources that were vital in my research. The information I learned was also beneficial to me. I became better at paying attention to small details. I also learned much about the history of my hometown. I was truly delighted to find more about the rich history of African Americans in Natchez.
Ylani Hayes' next steps
From here, I plan to return to my undergraduate studies and complete my degree in History. I plan to further my education by attending law school and pursuing a dual degree program for a JD and a Masters in Regional and Urban Planning.
Hometown: Natchez , Mississippi
School: Jackson State University
Major: History