Nature Play Corps Intern, US Fish and Wildlife Gateway Visitor Center, Manteo, North Carolina
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How William Ericson got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I discovered the Nature Play Corps Internship through an email I received from the NCSU College of Natural Resources. Once I read the description, I signed up right away. Just finishing my freshman year, I wasn't thinking about internships but an opportunity like this was impossible to turn down.
The highlight of the entire internship was infact the last day of the three weeks. The kids came that Friday and had a BLAST! The whole job site echoed with laughter and joyful screams as the kids played in all the playpockets. At the end, when two of the children did not want to leave and asked myself and several interns to go back with them to their camp and play, made the internship feel like a complete success.
William Ericson's accomplishments
Professionally, I felt that I really widened my horizons, coming from a purely science background without any education experience. The whole internship was eye opening and has definitely piqued my interest in child education in the outdoors. Personally, I feel as though I gained back much of my imagination that has been stagnant for the last few years. I learned to look at nature through the eyes of a child in order to make the connection between the children and the outdoors.
William Ericson's next steps
I want to continue my education all the way through grad school and get more experience through internships and really develop my focus in my major towards wetlands. I hope to do more internships in the coming summers in different environments further from home to really branch out.
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
School: North Carolina State University
Major: Natural Resources: Ecosystem Assessment. Minor: Wetland Assessment