Spatial Analyst with University of Montana , Glacier National Park, West Glacier, Montana
U.S. Geological Survey
How Tabitha Graves got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I've always been interested in using science to understand our world and would like my work to 'make a difference'. After working on the impacts of recreation and roads on bears for my Masters and 'Post-Masters', I knew I wanted to continue in applied wildlife research. I began working with Katherine Kendall in USGS as a spatial analyst through the University of Montana after I enquired whether she knew of any positions.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative aspects of my work with Kate Kendall and Andy Royle. I loved meeting with top population ecologists to design analyses, where we discussed pros and cons of different approaches, and fed off each other's ideas and skills. Working with Dr. Royle, I had the opportunity not only to bounce ideas back and forth, but also to hear about cutting edge research in the field, and to take a course on Bayesian Population Analysis.
Tabitha Graves' accomplishments
We have several publications that are nearing publication. I extended my spatial analysis, data management, and project design skills, co-wrote several succesful grants, and developed my collaboration skills. I supervised students to help digitize buildings in western Montana, a product that has become part of the State of Montana's data available online for all spatial analysts and planners.
Tabitha Graves' next steps
I plan to be a research biologist with a state or federal agency. I am particularly interested in linking demographics with landscape, and answering questions that help wildlife and humans coexist, with the goal of guiding development. In the process I like to use the most appropriate design and statistical approach for the question. I often extend existing techniques to incoporate the unique structure of a dataset. My next projects will focus on linking landscape to dispersal and gene flow.
Hometown: Elkton, Minnesota
School: Northern Arizona University
Major: Ph.D. Candidate in Forest Ecosystem Science