Geographer, USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center, Reston, Virginia
U.S. Geological Survey
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How Stephanie Sparkman got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I found out about this opportunity when my remote sensing professor, Dr. Barry Haack, George Mason University (GMU), announced in class that there was an internship opportunity available at USGS. Dr. Haack is also a visiting scientist with the Eastern Geographic Science Center (EGSC), USGS, Reston, VA. I immediately became interested as I have always respected and admired the USGS since childhood. After receiving a B.S. Environmental Science from Virginia Tech 2004, I was fortunate to pursue rewarding careers. My prior water monitoring experience with Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and my position as Permit Specialist with Walton County, Florida were an asset for obtaining the position with EGSC. I am thrilled to be in the SCEP program with USGS while pursuing my master's degree at GMU.
I began this student position on Monday, June 18. Some of the highlights of my experience have been meeting the scientists and other student interns in the EGSC and attending weekly seminars. I will always remember how everyone is friendly and accommodating.
Stephanie Sparkman's accomplishments
After graduating with my M.S. in May 2015, I received a term appointment. I am currently a Geographer working under Dianna Hogan in the USGS EGSC. I plan to submit a journal article by Spring 2016 to JAWRA which encompasses my research "Watershed Scale Stormwater Pollutant Removal Efficiency by Conventional versus Low Impact Development (LID) Design". Future research for this project is to assemble cost data for an economic cost-benefit analysis of conventional vs. LID SWBMPs.
Stephanie Sparkman's next steps
Since completing my internship and becoming a term Geographer, I want to continue with this position indefinitely.
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
School: George Mason University
Major: M.S. Geographic and Cartographic Sciences