OSM/VISTA Volunteer, Colorado Watershed Assembly, Carbondale, Colorado
Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
How Stephanie DiBetitto got involved with Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
I heard about the Western Hardrock Watershed Team through the AmeriCorps website. After graduating from the University of Vermont in May I started exploring AmeriCorps positions, and knew I wanted to become a VISTA Volunteer. I have been passionate with water resources throughout college, where I worked on urban stream research and a stream flow monitoring program. I wanted to continue working in the water field and start doing more work with non-profits to focus on social and environmental justice. The Hardrock Team had everything I was looking for and seemed like a perfect fit!
Working with the Hardrock Team has provided me with so many new learning experiences. One very valuable experience in my job is working with many stakeholders. I am learning ways to work with individuals from many different backgrounds in a constructive way. This gives me the chance to think of new problem solving techniques and to communicate in ways that includes all parties, and promotes positive outreach.
Stephanie DiBetitto's accomplishments
Professionally, I am starting to develop grant writing skills and I am currently working on my first federal grant application. I think the skills I am developing through the application process will prepare me for similar tasks in the future and potentially open even greater doors for me in the future both in my professionally and personal life.
Stephanie DiBetitto's next steps
After my year (or two) of service is completed for the Hardrock team I plan on attending graduate school. I would like to get my masters in Environmental Policy and in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to potentially work to create more sustainable food systems within the United States.
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
School: University of Vermont
Major: Environmental Science