Social Media and Outreach Services, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colorado
U.S. Geological Survey
How Scott Layman got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I have a friend who has worked for the US Geological Survey for a while, and she heard about the position in another department. She put me in contact with the department leaders, and my background and credentials got me hired.
One thing I do here is guide tours of the facility and teach map reading classes. One day we had a group of 5 and 6 year old kids scheduled to come in and the usual methods of teaching maps didn't seem like it would apply, so I created a whole map activity that would challenge them, and kept them engaged.
Scott Layman's accomplishments
My supervisors are willing to listen to my ideas, and allowed me to start up a social media outreach program on Twitter for the online store (@USGSstore), which has been hugely successful. On the success of that, I was then given the opportunity to represent the USGS for the state of Colorado on Twitter(@USGS_CO) and as a USGS ambassador on Facebook (Scott L-usgs). In addition to the social media platforms, I also represent USGS at Colorado trade shows and events and teach map/compass classes.
Scott Layman's next steps
I have helped the USGS expand in its social media and outreach programs, and hope to be brought on as a permanent employee after I graduate so that I can continue the work that I have started, and to train others, in these important communication avenues leading the Survey into the future.
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
School: Regis University
Major: Business Communicaitons