Intern, Main Interior Building, Washington, District Of Columbia
DOI Office of the Secretary
How Sarah Craddock got involved with DOI Office of the Secretary
I'm actually enrolled in another program through my university with 22 other students and we were all placed in internships relating to Natural Resources and Departments of interest to us. The Office of the Secretary Internship Program was brought to my attention through said program.
I have had the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects within the Office of Communications. I aided in the publishing of events and news stories to the Interior's website oneInterior through commonspot (a website server). Along with that, I created new webpages and made edits to existing ones. I was lucky enough to also help out some National Park Service Liaisons and work on a few issues with water resources, biological diversity, and geology. And I can't forget the time I spent Joking with Secretary Salazar about Michigan State vs. University of Michigan Football...
Sarah Craddock's accomplishments
The opportunity to meet people who are passionate about the work they are doing and encouraging others to do the same.
Sarah Craddock's next steps
Once I graduate with my bachelor's degree in May, I expect to start my career path, whether that be in public service or the private sector I'm not so sure yet. Eventually both! No matter where I end up, I hope to be working with people and advocating for the conservation and enjoyment of our nation's natural resources.
Hometown: Brighton, Michigan
School: Michigan State University
Major: Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism; Natural Resource Management