Core Team Member USFWS Trails Inventory Program, The SCA Office, Boise, Idaho
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Ryan Bernardi got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I applied to intern at national parks for ARAMARK through the SCA. However, the SCA saw my application and asked if I could participate in the 2012 FishTRaCs Trails Inventory Program. After interviewing for the position and finding out what it entailed, I could not wait to join the program.
One afternoon while inventorying a trail in Maine, there was an owl perched on a branch directly over my head. It was my first time seeing an owl and I took many pictures and videos of it.
Ryan Bernardi's accomplishments
I am much more efficient using ArcPad10, building relationships with coworkers, and gained experience working in a professional setting.
Ryan Bernardi's next steps
I would love to get a job in the field of GIS and or work towards getting a master's degree.
Hometown: Woodridge , Illinois
School: Illinois State University
Major: Bachelors in Geography, Bachelors in Geology