White House Liaison Intern/Secretary's Fellow, Department of the Interior, Washington, District Of Columbia
DOI Office of the Secretary
How Rachel Martinez got involved with DOI Office of the Secretary
I stumbled upon the job posting for this internship through my school's career database. It immediately caught my attention and I applied the next day.
I have thoroughly enjoyed everything since I've been here! However, one of the most exciting days for me was when the Secretary walked past my desk on his way to a meeting and said "why don't you come with me?" He brought me to an oil spill simulation that replicated what would happen if another disaster situation occured in the Gulf. It was incredible!
Rachel Martinez's accomplishments
Certainly the most beneficial skill I’ve learned from my time at the DOI is how to conduct yourself professionally at all times. While I always considered myself to be professional in the workplace, working with and around such high level people on a daily basis has made me truly realize and appreciate the importance of professionalism. I believe this holds true whether dealing with people in person or on the phone. I believe it is something that can set you apart from other people and make you much easier and more pleasant to work with.
Rachel Martinez's next steps
Above all, I’m going to take away a renewed vigor in searching for what I’m truly passionate about. The staff at the DOI has taught me through example how important this is to being great at what you do. I'm not sure exactly what the future holds for me, but I'm excited to have had such a great opportunity at the DOI!
Hometown: Roxbury, New Jersey
School: George Washington University