Conservation and Land Management Program Intern, Rawlins Field Office, Rawlins, Wyoming
Bureau of Land Management
How Michael Steinlage got involved with Bureau of Land Management
I came to Rawlins as an Conservation Land Management intern for the Chicago Botanic Gardens and was hired to work at the BLM Rawlins field office as a soil science intern. I first heard of the CBG CLM program from a classmate at the University of Missouri and immediately applied to the program because I was graduating and was interested in doing field work in the realm of ecology. Luckily, I was hired on and was even able to work in the area of environmental science that I studied at Mizzou- soil science.
One of the highlights of my time in at the BLM Rawlins Field Office was working with a helicopter crew to apply herbicides over a large sections of land that had been invaded by various weed species. I saw first hand how much is involved with regulation and application of pesticides, and being able to feel the wind from the helicopter while looking at the beautiful Wyoming landscape was something I'll never forget.
Michael Steinlage's accomplishments
While working as an intern, I was able to forge a much more comprehensive understanding of how the federal government operates within it's set regulations (specifically within the Bureau of Land Management) and manages millions of acres of land that real Americans call home. I gained technical experience within my field of study and I attribute getting accepted into graduate school to the knowledge and experiences I gained as an intern. Personally, I realized that I could completely relocate to a much different part of the USA (I'm from St. Louis, MO) and find happiness in a much different pace of life.
Michael Steinlage's next steps
I am now living in Austin, TX and will start my first year as a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am working towards a Master of Landscape Architecture degree and while here, I hope to study the effects of the urban landscape on water quality and how creative land use planning can bring the built and natural environments into greater harmony.
Hometown: Ballwin, Missouri
School: University of Missouri; University of Missouri; University of Texas at Austin
Major: BA in Spanish; BS in Environmental Science; MLA (in progress)