Hydrologic Technician, New York Water Science Center , Coram, New York
U.S. Geological Survey
How Michael Como got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
During my senior year at Hofstra University, the geology department chairperson told me that the local USGS field office was looking to hire a student for part-time work. Having known about the USGS for years as a geology student, I was thrilled about the opportunity and I immediately followed up on the position. Soon thereafter I was hired as a hydrologic technician under the STEP program.
One of the most memorable experiences about this job was the experience of helping one of my co-workers take a high-flow river discharge measurement during a torrential downpour. The rain was relentless and the river was raging. Even though I was only there to help out, it was a memorable event and it gave me a new found respect for the hydrologists and hydrologic technicians that work with surface water.
Michael Como's accomplishments
One of my accomplishments while working for the USGS has been learning how to use GIS and applying that knowledge to the projects that I work on. For example, in the past three months, one of my student colleagues and I have created a complete and geospatially accurate three dimensional rendering of a subsurface water supply tunnel in upstate New York. This rendering and the data it contains will be used by senior scientists in their work. It has been a rewarding experience to learn a new skill, apply it to my work here at the USGS and then have the opportunity to see that work used by others.
Michael Como's next steps
After graduating from Hofstra University in December of 2009, I enrolled in a hydrogeology masters program at Stony Brook University. Still enrolled in the STEP program, I am going to continue my work at the USGS while continuing my education. Once I get my masters degree, I hope to continue to work for the USGS or make the transition into the private sector and work for an environmental firm.
Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York
School: Hofstra University
Major: Geology