Intern, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities , Denver Office, Denver, Colorado
Bureau of Reclamation
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How Matthew Rozzi got involved with Bureau of Reclamation
I was involved in running and editing test plans and finding bugs in software, as well as redesigning a webpage that had an outdated look.
I learned how to use Dreamweaver pretty well, given that I had never used it before. I used it to redesign the webpage that I was assigned. I also learned how to communicate with people when running test plans.
Matthew Rozzi's accomplishments
The Application staff that I worked with loved the page when I presented a demo of it. Hopefully it will end up replacing the old site. This redesign assignment was definitely my biggest project.
Matthew Rozzi's next steps
I plan on continuing my Master’s degree in engineering, most likely Civil. I will finish my B.S. in Computer Science, however.
Hometown: Riverside, California
School: California State University, San Bernardino
Major: Computer Science