Hydrologic Technician, USGS, Reston, Virginia
U.S. Geological Survey
How Marques Hatfield got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
My geology professor at Northern Virginia Community College informed me about a new internship program they were starting in conjunction with the USGS. Despite the exact details of the program not being outlined, they wanted to test it out with a few students this summer. I was lucky enough to be one of those students.
I will remember baking in the hot Virginia sun on a 100 degree Friday afternoon. In particular, I will remember digging around in the dirt looking for bank pins that were buried in mounds of accreted sediment, and the embarassment of falling in the river...twice.
Marques Hatfield's accomplishments
I've gained a great deal of knowledge from this position that I feel will be helpful to me as I move forward in my career. I feel as if I have a better grasp on the kind of work I want to do, and what I don't want to do. I've appreciated being in an environment where I feel like I am constantly learning new things, and my knowledge and perceptions are constantly evolving.
Marques Hatfield's next steps
First and foremost, I want to finish my undergraduate degree at George Mason. From there, I am strongly considering taking a couple of years off and volunteering abroad, if anyone will have me. However, if that doesn't pan out, I want to go to grad school in England and study Geochemistry.
Hometown: Varney, West Virginia
School: George Mason University
Major: Geology