SCEP Biological Science Technician, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Chatham, Massachusetts
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Marla E. Hamilton got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
My story begins in Atlanta, GA at the Breaking the Color Barriers conference where I met Libby Herland and Lamar Gore. After an impromptu interview with Libby Herland, I was given the opportunity to apply for a SCEP position in Region 5, which I was selected for and stationed at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, MA. Since I was nearing completion of my thesis at Clemson University and had already been accepted to continue on with my PhD this was a great opportunity as a SCEP to challenge myself and test my abilities as a student biologist.
Before coming to Monomoy I had little field experience with conducting/implementing management techniques on avian species (shorebirds). To be quite frank, I loved seeing what I read and studied throughout scientific journals and books being implemented in the field. I enjoyed my hands on experience with working with a variety of shorebirds and even enjoyed observing specific bird behavior. Everything that I have experienced as a SCEP has been truly amazing. I want to learn and experience more!
Marla E. Hamilton's accomplishments
This experience has helped me to become more confident in my abilities as a student wildlife biologist and birder. I have learned a lot from many individuals within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and experienced a variety of management techniques that I would have been unable to do if I were not a SCEP for the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. Furthermore, I have been given opportunities as a SCEP to work on a refuge CCP and even be a part of the Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Conservation Strategy Plan. These experiences have broadened my capabilities as a biologist and strengthened my desire to be a part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and have a career as a wildlife biologist.
Marla E. Hamilton's next steps
Upon successfully graduating with a PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries biology I would like to obtain a AWB certificate from the Wildlife Society and pursue a career within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife biologist. As a SCEP I have gained cross-regional perspective on other programs by going on details to the Migratory Bird Program as well as the Coastal Program and enjoyed the work that these programs do. Although I have not gone on a detail to the International Affairs program I have an interest in the CITES program too. My passion for wildlife continues to grow and I hope I can continue to learn and meet wildlife professionals in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. My wish is I can make a significant contribution to the vision of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service as others have done.
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
School: Clemson Univeristy
Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Biology