Biology Intern, Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro , New Mexico
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Mariah Shaw got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I learned about becoming an intern at the Sevilleta through the Student Conservation Association.
Wow, this summer was filled with so many wonderful memories, no way I can pick just one highlight! I will always remember those 5am drives out onto the Refuge with my fellow intern and wonderful friend Lexi. The refuge just waking up, pronghorn running across the prairie, watching out for turtles on the road, and the occasional Coyote sighting! Working with amazing people in a beautiful place was so great every single day.
Mariah Shaw's accomplishments
This summer we worked on the Gunnison’s Prairie Dog reintroduction project. Before the Sevilleta was a refuge it was ranched and the prairie dogs were eradicated. Prairie dogs are a keystone species on the prairie so the Sevilleta is currently taking on a major reintroduction project. We trapped prairie dogs from areas where they are generally considered pest (i.e. urban, agricultural land) and released them on the Sevilleta. This summer we trapped, monitored, and released over 500 prairie dogs.
Mariah Shaw's next steps
There are so many smart and experienced people at the refuge to learn from that one of the most exciting parts of the summer for me was learning about conservation and biology in field. I am still a student, majoring in conservation and biology. I got the opportunity to experience some of what I have been learning about in the classroom out in the field. Once the summer was over I was sad to leave but more excited than ever to start back at school. This summer reminded me why I love what I study.
Hometown: Geneva, Illinois
School: Boston University
Major: Biology