Public Affairs Intern, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia
U.S. Geological Survey
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How Lindsay Mann got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
My father is a Physical Scientist for the Corps of Engineers who has always enjoyed his career, so I felt working for a governmental agency may suit me as well. As a Marketing major at James Madison University, I am interested in the branding of agencies or companies. More specifically, I have enjoyed learning about social media-related tasks, writing articles and excerpts on new information, and working in a team-building atmosphere. When I viewed the application for this job, I found it included all of these interests so I immediately applied. I was lucky enough to obtain an interview, and soon after received notice that I got the job.
Although it is difficult to pick only one aspect of my work which I will remember, I have truly enjoyed the field trips taken with other interns. I have gained so much knowledge about Capitol Hill, as well as streamgages at Rock Creek Park. In the process I have developed friendships with other interns in the Office of Communications in only 3 weeks with the USGS, which makes field trips much more enjoyable.
Lindsay Mann's accomplishments
Not only have I performed many of the duties I expected to prior to working, I have also gained substantial hands-on knowledge through attending USGS water and hazards meetings, going on a scientist-led tour of Rock Creek Park, attending a congressional hearing, and touring Capitol Hill. I have enjoyed writing social media posts, as well as writing a top story to be featured on the USGS homepage. Even by simply attending meetings held by highly-knowledgeable scientists, I have gained a new perspective on various governmental positions and the type of work they encompass. As a Marketing major I had only taken a couple general-education science courses at JMU, so opening my mind to scientific endeavors which hope to better the United States has proven a rewarding and positive experience thus far.
Lindsay Mann's next steps
I plan on graduating May of 2015 with my bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Economics. I would like to work fulltime for an agency similar to the USGS, and hope to get my Master’s degree after gaining a few years of work experience. I have discovered that I enjoy international business travel after studying in Belgium for a semester, so would like to continue this passion. Most of all, I would like to gain experience in various marketing-related positions to explore my interests, meet interesting people, and especially learn new skills.
Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia
School: James Madison University
Major: Business Marketing