SCA Intern, Cultural Resourse Diversity Internship Program, Gateway National Recreation Area, Jamaica , New York
National Park Service
How Laura Seepaul got involved with National Park Service
A friend from the Hindu community that worked closely with the National Park Service told me about their concerns with the Hindus leaving their offerings at Jamaica Bay and the position they were offering to foster a relationship.
I will always remember attending a Ganga Puja on the shores of Jamaica Bay and actually witnessing the misconceptions from both parties: National Park Service and the Hindu community.
Laura Seepaul's accomplishments
I visited Mandirs and informed members of the Hindu community of the issues. I also made presentations to staff members on Hinduism. This created a little bit of an understanding to both sides.
Laura Seepaul's next steps
This issue as a lot of potential for cooperation with people of the Hindu community and the National Park to work together and build on their relationship.
Hometown: , New York
School: Stony Brook University
Major: Applied Mathematics and Statics, Economics