Nature Play Corps Intern, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, Manteo, North Carolina
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Laura Kate Johnson got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I got involved with the Nature Play Corps Internship through an advertisement at NC State University posted by the Natural Learning Initiative.
The "play habitats" we had created were such a breakthrough into outdoor activities for many of the children that visited our site. It was an amazing experience to be a part of that eye-opening point in a child's life. While this experience was very momentary for these children, I hope to further involve myself in opportunities like this. Creating moments in the outdoors that both children and adults will remember fondly.
Laura Kate Johnson's accomplishments
I took a chance in both applying and participating in this internship, and I came out for the better. While this opportunity was not as related to my field of study as I had hoped, it gave me a new perspective to approach my work with.
Laura Kate Johnson's next steps
I hope to further explore the great outdoors, in my future endeavors. Whether my experiences take me into desk work or into trail blazing, I hope to better understand how to preserve and respect the environment so that I can be better inspired to implement this knowledge into my own designs through architecture, as well as to educate others in the topic.
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
School: North Carolina State University
Major: Environmental Design in Architecture