Biological Technician Aide , Region 3 NFHAP Coordinators Office, Maryville, Missouri
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Kellie Tinkham got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
There is a US Fish and Wildlife Service remote office located on Northwest Missouri State University's Campus. I heard about the student intern position when it became available after the Spring 2011 semester, through one of my professors. I submitted a resume and, thanks to my background in administrative assistance and outreach, was offered the job.
My job takes place in an office, and, honestly, I know that most people don't find that very exciting at all. What I will always remember, and the best lesson that I have learned this summer, is that in order to have the fun in the Field and to get to enjoy doing things like banding geese, electroshocking, bird surveys, and fish capture, there is someone in an office somewhere coordinating those fun events. I have gained valuable organizational and communication skills, and a greater understanding of the inner-workings of the Federal system, but most importantly (I think) is the highest appreciation for those who fill out the paperwork, make sure it gets where it needs to be, on time, make sure that you have the funding you need, and that everything runs smoothly.
Kellie Tinkham's accomplishments
The majority of the work that I do for the Fish and Wildlife Service is administrative, and I have the opportunity to work with the National Fish Habitat Action Plan coordinator. Through this work I compile data sets concerning all the habitat restoration and ehancment projects that take place in Region 3 (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconson, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio). I get to see what our biologists are doing in the field and record the progress that they are making toward restoring and enhancing our wild places. My job also requires me work with partners of the Fish and Wildlife Service in coordinating efforts towards improving and restoring fish habitats and populations.
Kellie Tinkham's next steps
Right now I am focused on finishing my bachelors degree. I may head to graduate school in the future, or I may not. I do feel that I want to work with a government agency in the future. There are so many opportunities that can satisfy any interest and can provide valuable experiences and education.
Hometown: Superior, Nebraska
School: Northwest Missouri State University
Major: B.S. Environmental Geology