Student Trainee (Admin), Nebraska Water & Science Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
U.S. Geological Survey
How K Neujahr got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I was very lucky on the fact that I kind of stumbled upon this opportunity. Through the University they have a program set up for students called Husker Hirelink where any present and past Husker can go online and look at current job, internship, and volunteer opening that a potential employer has open. I originally went online to apply for a Marketing Internship with a local Retailer and saw the posting for this position as well. After reading the description of the position it sounded like some of my previous positions and like something I would enjoy doing. In the end I figured that I had nothing to lose and the worst that I would be told was no so I applied and in the end got the chance to work here as a SCEP Student.
One big thing that I have learned from this position is the value of time management and keeping an open mind. My tasks from day to day are so diverse and always changing that I have to keep an open mind so that I can jump from task to task and do it to the best of my ability. This opportunity is teaching me so much because I can incorporate what I am learning in my classes first hand, which is great for me because I am a very visual learner.
K Neujahr's accomplishments
My list of accomplishments so far both professionally and personally are very dismal as compared to the goals that I have set for myself in the future. This part of my life is still an unwritten chapter. I like to think that I work hard every day to get the point of self-sufficiency that I want to be at someday. How this relates to my position at USGS is that by having this opportunity I am going to take away some of the best lessons that I can get before walking the stage to get my diploma. The knowledge that I take from the classroom and from my work here will help give me a leg up in the world of business no matter what opportunity comes my way.
K Neujahr's next steps
First things first, I want to graduate college. Where I go from there is still out for debate. I truly believe that some of the best opportunities in life are ones that are unexpected and that you as a person just have to have the courage to pursue. If I had the ultimate choice, I would like to continue on my career path in this position and be converted to full time permanent position but only time will tell.
Hometown: , Nebraska
School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Major: Business Administration