Biological Sciences Aide, Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center, La Crosse , Wisconsin
U.S. Geological Survey
How Justin Smerud got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I was given the opportunity as a student at Viterbo University to become and intern for the UMESC.
The people I work with are very friendly and have made my internship a very easy transition from previous work that I have done. The one thing that is a highlight is just interacting with people with many years experience and learning things that you can not learn in a classroom.
Justin Smerud's accomplishments
I have obtained a greater understanding of how research is conducted and the time and effort that is put into different projects. I believe that this expereince will aid in continuing my education and will better prepare me for future research that I will conduct while finishing school.
Justin Smerud's next steps
I would like to continue my education and go to graduate school for animal behavior. I would also like to continue doing research as a long-term goal.
Hometown: La Crosse, Wisconsin
School: Viterbo University
Major: Biology