Hydrologist , Oklahoma Water Science Center , Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
U.S. Geological Survey
How Jessica Magers got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
The USGS is a recurring source of data when studying the geosciences. While researching a topic, it is rare to not utilize a map or a report published by the USGS. When a flyer was posted in the geology department at Oklahoma State University I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of an agency that is so deeply ingrained into my educational career.
The most gratifying aspect of working for the USGS has been my involvement with a project from start to finish. Being a part of the data collection effort of measuring water levels, to analysis and interpretation of those data using maps and graphs, and the final write up and publication of the Scientific Investigations Map (in press) was very rewarding.
Jessica Magers' accomplishments
In the two years that I have worked for the USGS I have had the opportunity to work on many diverse projects. I conducted statistical analyses of grain size from geophysical logs in the Central Oklahoma Aquifer, created total dissolved solids maps of produced water in the Anadarko Basin for the Denver geologic discipline, and collected field data for various groundwater projects. I was also able to collect geochemical and geological field data related to my thesis work in the Rush Springs Aquifer that was part of a USGS cooperative groundwater study for the Caddo Nation with funding from the Student Interns in Support of Native American Relations (SISNAR) program. This data was then presented at both the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute symposium and the Geological Society of America National Meeting in 2010.
Jessica Magers' next steps
Currently I am writing my thesis and plan to graduate in May 2011, after which I would like to continue working in a field that utilizes my knowledge that I have gained from both my experience at the USGS and my geology degrees.
Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma
School: Oklahoma State University-Stillwater
Major: B.S. Geology, M.S. Geology (May 2011)