Information Technology Specialist, Western Ecological Research Center, Sacramento, California
U.S. Geological Survey
How Jerry Kwong got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I attended a Career Fair during my Freshman year at California State University, Sacramento and visited a USGS booth. I sent my resume in the same day, and I was asked to come in for a interview the next week, where I was hired on the same day. The job that was advertised was a STEP position, and the Senior Administration saw my hard work and dedication and made it their goal to retain me after I completed my education. I became a SCEP within 6 months since my initial hiring, and I was converted to a Full-Time, Permanent employee after I completed my degree.
One continuing experience that I see every day is the understanding of my own contribution in the US Geological Survey's motto, "Science for a Changing World." I maybe just a IT guy, but the scientists and administration of USGS depend on me for the upkeep of the IT infrastructure to fulfill the scientific exploration of Earth. I maintain and upkeep computers and troubleshoot databases and programs, and it is the support of these tools that help scientists understand and track migratory birds and Avian Influenza to help secure public health; Desert Tortoise conservation and survival due to human encroachment; and better management of land use with respect to the thriving ecosystems that supports a plethora of animals and plants.
Jerry Kwong's accomplishments
With the help of USGS, I was able to attain my Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from California State University, Sacramento in December of 2010.
Jerry Kwong's next steps
I plan on continuing the support of science through my own individual training and learning experiences so that I can help make the Scientist's job easier through automation and effectiveness. This is a very rewarding experience when I get to prototype field equipment and train the end user and come to find out that a cool discovery was made.
Hometown: Sacramento, California
School: California State University, Sacramento
Major: Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems (Business Administration)