Geographer, US Geological Survey , Reston, Virginia
U.S. Geological Survey
How Jason Shapiro got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I recently completed my master's degree and starting a doctoral degree in Geographic sciences and also obtained a bachelors in Economics. I was looking for a job that would mix the two fields. I was completing my masters in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences at George Mason University. The department at GMU sends often emails regarding job openings throughout the geographic science industry to the students. I received a forwarded email from the EGSC regarding a student opening. The job sounded like it would fit my masters work in geographgic sciences so I emailed the contact listed in the email which is my current supervisor. I then got a reply asking to interview for a student job that mixed my economics and geographic education.
The USGS has allowed me to learn and experience a lot of amazing things regarding many different sciences. At the USGS you are able to gain new knowledge every day. From doing my own research to listening to different scientists / experts at the seminars to working with many other fellow students with the same interests and career goals, you are able to learn something new every day! There is always something happening at the USGS that will allow you to learn something and experience the science!
Jason Shapiro's accomplishments
At the USGS: I am in the process of finding a synthesis between the two fields of land change science and Economics. Education: I am currently a doctoral student at George Mason University, in the Earth System Sciences and Geoinformational Sciences program. I also just graduated with a masters degree in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences at GMU (2010). I also graduated with Bachelors in Science in Economics at Virginia Tech.
Jason Shapiro's next steps
I would love to continue to connect the fields of economics and geographic sciences. I would also like to start some research that would connect the two fields while looking at real world applications.
Hometown: South Riding, Virginia
School: George Mason University
Major: Currently in the Earth Systems and GeoInformational Sciences Phd Program