Hydrologic Technician, Texas Water Science Center, Austin, Texas
U.S. Geological Survey
How Dylan J Swoope got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I found out about the student program through a professor of mine who had retired from the US Geological Survey. The class was Surface and Ground Water collection, and was geared towards the standards and procedures set forth by the USGS. I expressed interest in surface water monitoring and did well in his class. The result being that he put me in to contact with people at the Texas Water Science Center in Austin.
The first time I did a wading measurement was across the lower portion of the Colorado River that passes through Austin. I was impressed by the fact that I was standing in a portion of a familiar river that I had never been in before, looking at overpasses that I drive on from a perspective that I never had before, and essentially learning about how a familiar piece of our local topography is monitored on a regular basis.
Dylan J Swoope's accomplishments
For me acquiring a student position with USGS was a substantial accomplishment in and of itself. I worked hard in my classes to ensure that I would have a good recommendation for any internships or positions that I applied for. A position with the USGS was a best case scenario for me and in this case it seems that hard work paid off. I feel that in the two months that I have been employed with the USGS I have acquired many of the skills necessary to be an effective hydrologic technician. Every day I hone my skills in collecting accurate data on our local water resources and processing that that data back at the office. Another accomplishment that I took personal gratification in was the first site that I collected data at on my own, and then entered and archived that data without any significant assistance. At that point I felt like I had come very close to being an efficient member of the team.
Dylan J Swoope's next steps
I intend on continuing my education part time in the direction of the natural sciences, potentially pursuing a graduate degree in hydrology or water resources engineering, and keeping my position with the Austin Field Unit as long as they will have me
Hometown: Austin, Texas
School: Southwestern Unv. / Austin Community College
Major: Political Science / Environmental Science and Technology