Civil Engineer, Great Plains Regional Office, Billings, Montana
Bureau of Reclamation
How Darion Mayhorn got involved with Bureau of Reclamation
I got involved with the Bureau of Reclamation at the conclusion of my freshman year by applying for the SCEP program via
My experience with Reclamation thus far has been amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to work in two different offices in the Great Plains Region: my first summer I was placed in Billings, MT and the second summer in Loveland, CO. I learned valuable skills at both locations and obtained valuable experiences that I may have not experienced otherwise.
Darion Mayhorn's accomplishments
Thus far with Reclamation, I’ve had the opportunity to see projects that I started, now being put into fruition. While in Loveland, CO, I had the opportunity to get many safety issues up to par at the Mary’s Lake & Estes Park power plants. It was a great feeling to see pictures of the work being done, and one of the power plant supervisors e-mailing me to let me know how much they valued my assistance.
Darion Mayhorn's next steps
I will graduate in the Spring of 2013 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering & Applied Mathematics. I’ve determined an interest for the policies & regulations that surround engineering, so along with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering, I may pursue a dual degree with public policy or law. I also hope to obtain my PE license in the future.
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
School: Saint Louis University
Major: Civil Engineering & Applied Mathematics