Corps Member, Student Conservation Association-FWS Trails Inventory, Boise, Idaho
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Daniel Solmon got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I had led trail maintenance teams for the Student Conservation Association, and I learned that SCA would be fielding another team to continue the Fish and Wildlife Service Trails Inventory. Thinking that this would be a great opportunity to travel the United States and learn new skills while using my knowledge gained from working on our public lands.
While staying at the bunkhouse for Florida's Pelican Island and Archie Carr NWRs, I walked to the beach across the road at night with my coworker and an SCA intern serving at the refuges. With patience and good night vision, we were able to see several sea turtles leaving the ocean to dig nesting pits, and returning to the ocean. It was an unexpected treat to see these large, beautiful animals, even if only as moonlit blobs scurrying over the sand,
Daniel Solmon's accomplishments
I have learned how to use a survey grade Trimble GPS in the field, and how to process data from the Trimble in ArcMap. I have also gained valuable experience managing my time during long and hectic work trips.
Daniel Solmon's next steps
After this internship, I would like to find work that combines my interest in geography, travel, mapping, and working in the field.
Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon
School: McGill University
Major: Geography