Cultural Resources Intern (CRDIP Intern), Congaree National Park, Hopkins, South Carolina
National Park Service
How Daniel Caponio got involved with National Park Service
I found out about the program on an advertisement board in the UNLV history department. It looked like an interesting opportunity to stray away from the usual jobs and internships in my field.
My best experiences during this internship were the times I was able to work in the forest, whether it was collecting macro invertebrates, recollecting the audio recording units, or locating the archaeological sites around the park.
Daniel Caponio's accomplishments
I was able to adapt successfully to a completely new environment and accomplish all of the tasks assigned to me in a timely manner without letting the new environment affect my work.
Daniel Caponio's next steps
I am still planning on joining the Army after I complete my Masters degree.
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
School: University of Nevada Las Vegas
Major: Masters of Arts - History