Intern, Office of the Secretary, Washington, District Of Columbia
DOI Office of the Secretary
How Claire McKeever got involved with DOI Office of the Secretary
I learned about the DOI Internship program through a friend who worked in the office. The Department of the Interior's work fits well with many of my interests, including environmental policy and conservation biology. It also seemed like a great chance to see how many other Colorado College alumni like Secretary Salazar, Dr. Marcia McNutt (USGS), and Dr. Jane Lubchenco (NOAA) are putting their CC degrees to use.
I was fortunate to spend the last week of my internship living on-site at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Maryland. I shadowed the refuge manager, helped biology researchers with their daily tasks, and got a glimpse of the inner workings of a wildlife conservation program. In addition to confirming my interest in environmental issues, the field experience was also a great opportunity to compare the daily, on-the-ground work of DOI employees to the big-picture operations carried out in the Secretary's Office.
Claire McKeever's next steps
Right now, I'm looking forward to completing my CC education and seeking research opportunities in field biology. I hope to integrate my love of the outdoors and the West with my passion for science and policy.
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
School: Colorado College
Major: Biology