Visitor Services, Maine Costal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Rockland, Maine
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Chris Dupree got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Chris was selected from a pool of applicants interested in experiencing what life is like working on a National Wildlife Refuge.
I would say the most rewarding part of my summer was being able to come to a different part of the country and see/experience some things I would probably never have. That itself made the whole summer worthwhile.
Chris Dupree's accomplishments
Despite the fact that I was outside of my usual comfort zone during this internship, I found that I am able to adapt to new and unusual work environments.
Chris Dupree's next steps
Although I am getting an undergraduate degree in biology I really enojy working directly with people one day and hope to have a career as a dentist.
Hometown: , Maine
School: Grambling State University
Major: Biology