General Biologist, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
How Chelsea CorcoranQuadt got involved with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
It started with my college freshman wildlife class in 2003 at the University of Maine. A USFWS speaker came to our classroom to talk about an internship opportunity on this 360 acre desolate island, 12 miles off the coast of Rockland, ME to study and restore endangered and threatened tern populations. I didn't have a single clue about birds, but I KNEW I wanted THAT job. I was the squeaky wheel that got the oil in the end, and with that being my first introduction into who the FWS is, I've never looked back.
I've had too many memorable experiences to name them all. One in particular that stands out was on Metinic Island. Around 6am, I was sitting in the bird blind. I called my mom, and said "I just counted 2,500 terns, there's 7 harbor seals sunning on the rocks, I'm listening to the engines of the lobster boats as they haul their traps, and Mom, I can't believe they're actually paying me to do this!"
Chelsea CorcoranQuadt's accomplishments
My greatest accomplishment, hands down, was getting my first PERMANENT job with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. My 5 internships, STEP position, and seasonal position all lead to having great qualifications and experience to be an attractive employee. The day I received the call asking if I would like a permanent job, I'm pretty sure the entire world could hear me say (more like scream) 'YES!'
Chelsea CorcoranQuadt's next steps
Because of all the different internship, STEP, and seasonal opportunities I've had with FWS, I have gained countless experiences and memories--getting chased up a tree by a moose, getting bit by an endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel, holding my first black bear cub,bottle feeding an abandoned harbor seal pup on the island, fighting fires, and being able to travel to the Gulf during the oil spill to help with search and rescue of wildlife. Right now, I'm getting to create youth programs and recruit others to be able to have the same amazing experiences I've had through college and grad school. In the future I would love to combine my two passions-education and biology into a dual position of biological field work and environmental outreach at a small National Wildlife Refuge
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
School: University of Maine B.S., Minnesota State University, M.S.
Major: Wildlife Ecology, Experiental Education