Hydrologic Technician/ Student, USGS, Boise, Idaho
U.S. Geological Survey
How Bryce Redinger got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
I found the job listing through Boise State University and got a temporary position welding and installing Crest Stage Gages. I was enrolled at Boise State in the teaching program and wanted to teach 4th grade science. I really liked the work at USGS, and they really liked me. After the summer, I got hired as a STEP. A year later, when it was time to renew my appointment, I was hired as a SCEP. I now am finishing school with a degree in Geosciences.
Making measurements at high flow.
Bryce Redinger's accomplishments
Finding out that you are never done learning.
Bryce Redinger's next steps
I want to do this. As soon as I am out of school, it is full time Hydro Tech!
Hometown: Sandpoint, Idaho
School: Boise State University
Major: Geoscience; Hydrology, Surface Water