Hydrologist Intern, Winyah Bay, Santee, Hydro-Electric Dams, Bushy Park, Myrtle Beach, SC, South Carolina
U.S. Geological Survey
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How Benjamin Thepaut got involved with U.S. Geological Survey
After finishing my undergraduate degree in Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University in 2013 and conducting research in tidal rivers and floodplains; I was excited to prove myself in the scientific field. My job searches continued to direct my skills and education toward the USGS. Luckily, there was a job opening in my current city and university; USGS! I had always heard of the USGS being the leaders of science and could exponentially develop my skills. Thus, to further my education I chose to enroll into the Marine and Wetland graduate program at CCU. Now I attend class and work in the field and love my job!
The environment: Thousands of miles of coastal plain rivers, which meander, drain, and fill wetlands. Thousands of acres of freshwater and saltwater forested and unforested marshes. Thousands of flora and fauna that adapt and dominate the landscape. South Carolina is truly one of the last frontiers of the U.S.A.
Benjamin Thepaut's accomplishments
I have developed my skills immensely to be in parallel with the goals of our SC Water Science Center. Water quality and quantity remain the most vital and integral part of our environment, where the hydrologists and technicians I work with strive day in and day out to assure the public we are collecting data and are aware of its conditions.
Benjamin Thepaut's next steps
USGS Hydrologist position. I would like to travel to foreign countries and apply the same USGS guidelines to those less fortunate then we are in the U.S.A. However I would also like to ensure that the American citizens have access to water and most importantly clean water.
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
School: Coastal Carolina University
Major: Marine and Wetland Studies