Education Intern, Washington Office, Washington, D.C. , District Of Columbia
National Park Service
How Benjamin Spurrier got involved with National Park Service
I found out about this internship opportunity through a friend at school who knew that I was interested in the outdoors, and visiting national parks. The internship posting was opened up last minute for a short period of time, and I applied right away. When I was selected from the pool of applicants, I came in for an interview and was offered this excellent opportunity. I could not be happier to work with NPS and its great team of employee's.
For the first two weeks of the internship, we participated in an orientation program where we learned the history of the National Park Service, its mission, and opportunities that are available. A large part of this orientation program included meeting people from all of the departments to hear about what they do, and how they make an impact. The greatest part about this experience, was seeing all of the excitement and passion shared by the employee's at the National Park Service. It was very inspiring to meet such dedicated people working towards a mission that they are so passionate about.
Benjamin Spurrier's accomplishments
My internship project entails researching opportunities for funding that is targeted toward the initiatives that are managed within the Interpretation and Education division. This entails thoroughly reading through websites, reports, news articles, and the Foundation Center's databases, as well as reaching out to representatives at foundations. Following this research, we developed reports noting specific trends that are occurring, as well as organizations that are working towards the same mission as NPS. These reports are used to find opportunities for both partnerships, or funding.
Benjamin Spurrier's next steps
Working for the National Park Service has opened my eyes to so many opportunities. I am about to begin my last year at University of Maryland, where I will earn a B.S. in Finance. Once I graduate, I hope to get the experience of traveling to different parks and experiencing different positions in order to explore new places, meet great people, and most importantly learn new skills.
Hometown: Manchester , Maryland
School: University of Maryland, College Park
Major: Finance