Outreach Coordinator, Eagle River Watershed Council, Avon, Colorado
Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
How Annelies Leland got involved with Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
I wanted to work to protect and restore valuable water resources in Colorado. AmeriCorps was a great opportunity for me as a recent graduate because the program helped me find the job I wanted in a beautiful place.
I will never forget attempting to organize 80 eigth graders to do a science experiment on a hot sunny Monday morning at the river.
Annelies Leland's accomplishments
I recruited enough volunteers to finish my summer restoration to do list by early June!
Annelies Leland's next steps
I am interested in designing self sustaining buildings- homes that produce their own energy, dispose of their own waste, and grow their own food.
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
School: University of Vermont
Major: Natural Resource Planning