Biological Science Technician, Upper Colorado Region, Socorro , New Mexico
Bureau of Reclamation
How Alayna McGarry got involved with Bureau of Reclamation
I received a job as a Biological Science Technician with Reclamation in May of 2012 after applying on the USA Jobs website. I do presence/absence surveys for the Southwestern willow flycatcher and yellow billed cuckoo along the Rio Grande in New Mexico.
The Reclamation has done a great job of training me for work in the field. They were very thorough in their protocol presentations which we follow on a day to day basis in the field. Reclamation has also been eager to assist in our professional development as we build our career as biologist.
Alayna McGarry's accomplishments
Thanks to working for Reclamation, I now feel confident using a map, compass, and GPS to navigate my way through various riparian habitats. I have also walked the Rio Grande without getting taken under, walked through Russian olive and salt cedar without losing an eye, and have walked 6km in direct sun without dehydrating!
Alayna McGarry's next steps
I plan on applying to other biological positions within the Department of Interior in hopes of working with endangered species.
Hometown: Berlin, Maryland
School: University of Delaware
Major: Wildlife Conservation