NYRP is also responsible for transforming an illegal dumping ground along the Harlem River into the beautiful, five-acre Swindler Cove Park, located in northern Manhattan. Begun as a shore cleanup more than 10 years ago, NYRP’s Swindler Cove campus – which opened to the public in 2003 – now encompasses the Riley-Levin Children’s Garden, additional development along Sherman Creek, NYRP’s Cherry Tree Project along the Harlem River Drive and the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse – the first community boathouse on the Harlem River in 100 years and where the sport of competitive rowing has been reintroduced to neighborhood youth through a number of NYRP and co-sponsor programs.

Today, Swindler Cove Park is a centerpiece of NYRP’s outdoor educational and community outreach efforts and is home to NYRP’s Nature in My Neighborhood environmental education curricula, NatureMania Spring Break and Summer Camp – programs serving thousands of New York City families and at-risk youth. At Swindler Cove Park and in NYRP’s 55 community gardens, New Yorkers are being introduced every day to the importance of respecting green space and spending quality time in nature in urban settings.

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