This USGS Mendenall Fellow created a video to express what she is learning through her experience!

Title: Turbid Bay: Sediment in Motion

Description: USGS scientists from the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center explore how sediment moves across San Francisco Bay tidal flats. The research team deploys a suite of large instrumented tripods to record sediment movements over a six-week period in early 2011. Answers from this work will help determine whether deposition of sediment at high tide is occurring quickly enough to preserve marshes in the face of sea-level rise.

The program also highlights the value and function of the USGS Mendenhall Fellowship Program. The Mendenhall Program at the USGS provides recent PhD graduates an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research on pressing scientific questions with the guidance and mentoring of established scientists.

Location: San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

Date Taken: 2/1/2011

Length: 9:59

Video Producer/Videographer: Stephen M. Wessells, U.S. Geological Survey

Note: Please contact the individual above for more information on this clip. This video is public domain/of free use unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the USGS Copyright section for more details.

Produced by: USGS Office of Communications and Publishing & USGS Pacific Coastal & Marine Science Center

Directed, written, filmed and edited by: Stephen M. Wessells

Content Experts: Jessie Lacy, Lissa MacVean, Rama Kotra, Helen Gibbons

Narrator: Curtis Howard

Clapper Rail Photo: Peter LaTourrette